VIBY Milano

My name is Violetta Manzo, I have a degree in Fashion Designer. I'm form Biella a small village in northern Italy. I consider myself a very determinate and creative person.

During my studies I participated in many Fashion and Design competitions, one in particular lead me to Japan (Kiryu, twin city with Biella), where I experienced a different culture and won several awards (including the trip to Japan).

My passion for fashion was born many years ago, when I was still a child, where I began to draw and subsequently to patter and sewing. Over the years I have developed an excellent technique for making women's and men's clothes, this allows me the range from classic garments to elaborate ones. My working skills led me to historical representations and fashion shows.

Over the years I have been able to develop an excellent technique for making women's and men's garments from classic to elaborate through a lot of practice. This allows me to range from simple garments to elaborate garments for fashion shows and historical representations.

In this difficult period of the (Pandemic 2020) that we are going through, I'm able to optimize (free time) to design and create unique bags in jeans and rhinestone. In the near future this will lead us to more eclectic fabrics and accessories.

VIBY Milano brand, designed and conceived by Violetta in collboration with her sister Domenica. This company was established in 2018 and after careful research and attention on the materials used for the packaging and a collection of men's and women's T-shirts in dyed organic cotton. The result was an excellent product, nice slim fit, unique design for a woman and a man of all ages. All the various stages of processing and packing were thought up respecting the enviroment, without decreasing the quality of the fabric and color, from the raw material to the finished garment. Naturally all made in Italy.

Accessories with the VIBY Milano brand are gradually added to this collection.